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Restoring Hope After a Loved Ones Suicide
I would have lost heart, unless I  had believed that I would see the  goodness of the Lord in the land of  the living. Ps 27:13    

Restoring Hope...

After a Suicide:

On November 16, 1998 my first-born took his own life. I  had no idea where to turn for help, and no one to guide  me through deep, debilitating pain I was thrust into.   When a loved one suicides we’re thrown into a tangled  mass of emotion and confusion, with so many unanswered  questions, and a pain that reaches so deep into your soul,  it feels like it could be fatal.   And then there’s “the movie” that relentlessly replays  events, including conversations you had, over and over and  over, as if somehow you’ll find a way to come out with a  different ending. At Road2healing we “get it”. We understand first hand the  depth of issues survivors have to work through because  everyone in this organization is a fellow survivor. We’re here to help new survivors find the footing to start  the journey toward healing. We’re also here for those that  are years past the death, but still feel stuck and broken.   You don’t have to live life broken. Let us help you. Click  the Support tab above for more information.
Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. ~ Rikki Roger
If you have attempted suicide, but  lived, you are an Attempter. You are  a Survivor if your loved-one has  taken their own life.
Serving You Online Since 1999
Rob Wirick and Mark Slade

Help for Veterans:

Although we have many resources here  to help you, if you are a veteran  seeking help, please click on the Vets  tab above so we can direct you to  organizations that are more specific to  your needs. We want to connect you  with the best possible choices for you.   On the Vets page you will find help for  those that have lost buddies to suicide,  as well as help for PTSD, suicidal vets,  those having trouble transitioning, and  help for their families.  Thank-you for your service. - R2H
          In Loving Memory
“I’m almost done reading your book  and ready to order more! My husband  (not much of a reader) said this book  has been the most help he has received  since the beginning of all this and he is  talking to me about it! Thank you!!”  Sheri (For more information click on the book) 
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