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SR2H is a Christian based organization bringing peer support and comfort for those that have felt the devastation of suicide. Please join one of our online support groups so you can connect with other survivors that understand the pain you feel. We will take your hand and walk with you through this time of confusion, devastation and feeling lost. You CAN reclaim your life again! We'll help!

Survivor of Suicide: someone that has lost a loved one to suicide. Attempter: someone that survived a suicide attempt. These groups are not for attempters. Please search for groups that address depression. If you are suicidal and looking for help, none of these groups here will work for you. Please see Crisis links below. 

Our online Support Groups (via email). We have four groups; please select the one that fits your needs: 
Road2healing Main: Adults with any relationship loss to suicide (must be at least 18)
Road2healing Parents: Parents that have lost a child to suicide
SR2H Men: Men with any relationship loss to suicide
Road2healing Youth: For 14+ year olds with any relationship loss
(Please note that the Youth and Men's groups are not very active groups because these are the two groups of people that won't talk about it much.)

KIDS- Online Support group for Children (not part of SR2H) (Also see the Children link)

For a list of physical meetings that you can attend please click here: Meetings 



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A Survivors Road To Healing ~
written by a survivor-mom who truly understands what you feel.
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Suicidal?? Online Chat rooms for the suicidal:

New Hope Now-counselors in chatroom 24/7, 365
BBN Radio - Christian Chat Room for hurting
Bipolar World - Chatroom

To find an online support group: Depression Groups

Crisis Numbers:

The Yellow Ribbon Program
Span Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network
Prevent Suicide Now

Dr Ivan Talks About Depression

 If you are feeling suicidal~   Please CALL someone!